Last train’s delayed because of Gegenstände im Gleis, but I’m not complaining because this is my Mitfahrer.

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Nearly finished with setting the mill back up. Added a central oiler, t-slot protection, and somehow managed to get it level to 25μ/meter 😮. Likely some measurement error there and it will vary depending on the time of day. But it was briefly within a third of a human hair per meter. 😅

Made some 6mm thick brass washers for the mill column bolts as the original washers were apparently made of tin 🤢🙄.

Putting Humpty Dumpty back together again. Still a pain lifting the mill head with the hydraulic lift because these 🤬 cheap lifts have such high wheels the lift doesn’t fit under the table. So very sketchy lift, swing, and drop with one leg up. Apprentice approved 🐶👍🏼.

Deep-frying some tofu. @Regensbloggerin is making a sweet and spicy sauce and some rice for it. What're you having for dinner?

I think it's going to rain in .

The apprentice has begun communicating in emoji 🐙🐼🦖. Having a little trouble deciphering it 🤔.

@freibier_cc Am Vatertag brauen sorgt auch für gute Zufallsbegegnungen: "Sagt Mal, kann man hier Bier kaufen?" 😅

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Das schaut so falsch aus 😑 🇩🇪 479 5/6


by @dewordle

Alarm clock for sale. No snooze button. Guaranteed not to sleep through it.. er, her.

I got this grid tie micro inverter in the post today. I read a lot that many of these fail after a year or so due to heat issues. I then saw lots of review pics where the thermal pads still had their protective film on and opened mine up to check on that and welp...

Printed a small folding dodecahedron from TPU to see how it would turn out, then wasn't sure what to do with it, so...


It is finally done!! With a final tip of grey color on her dress and a bit of pillow sewing I finished my art work today on the lovely #PortraitChallenge of In honor to Margaret MacDonald Mackintosh. #kleineKunstklasse


Rearranged the "display" corner of my office to include an old 24x30 pixelated matrix build, recently upgraded with a #pixelblaze controller. I plan to remain in this exact spot for a *very* long time (or until the power goes out).

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