„Hallo Mama/Papa…“. That’s Scammer for „Hallo <insert name here>…“ right? 🙄🤣

Ireland, where they brew their coffee like they brew their tea. 😑🙄

The PowerBook G3 Quattro was fitted with four 300Mhz PowerPC G3 processors, enabling it to boot four operating systems at once. A favourite of admins who wanted to show off, working examples rarely appear for sale – most are still in active use.

Woaaaa guckt mal was gerade gekommen ist *freu

Jetzt ist endlich alles wieder auf Lager im Shop <3

Since I have not told this story on Mastodon, and have never told it threaded:

Der Tisch hat jetzt seine Zierleiste wieder. Das Acryl (mit Baumwolle) gemischt hält wie Bombe! Der Tisch steht 1A gerade 😍.

Alles nur möglich durch @verschiedenArt und @rckTom !

#diy #reparierenstattmüll

My German wife commented that the bread I bought is really good and asked what kind it is. My answer of pointing my finger slightly to the right and saying “that one, no, to the right” wasn’t helpful, apparently. 🤷🏻‍♂️🫣

Spinning your breeding kink als altruism. Can't get more tech billionaire than that.

RT @mjnblack@twitter.com

(2/5) Today, I got to publish what I see as the big picture around that story. 🖼️ It's about an entire movement quietly taking off in tech & VC circles of people who believe it is their DUTY to fill the earth with their genius children... to save humanity.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/mjnblack/status/15

I've now generated a new, curated, still-growing collection of Old Time Radio where you're basically guaranteed to find full or near-full runs of hundreds of radio shows throughout The Golden Age.

The Old Time Radio Showcase.


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