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Darf man folgendes noch sagen in 🇩🇪? Die meisten derjenigen, die beklagen, es gebe keine Meinungsfreiheit mehr, beklagen sich eigentlich nur darüber, dass sie ihren rassistischen, xenophoben, klassistischen, frauenfeindlichen Scheiß nicht mehr unwidersprochen sagen dürfen.


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Me: I wish people boosted more so I could find new people to follow.
People: *boost*
Me: Ew, not you.

I need a new . We have a small portable Weber (Baby Q, from like 2011) which has bit the dust. I'd like something a bit bigger, but also propane and . The Napoleon TravelQ PRO 285X seems perfect (see if you want, but they're not paying me). Are their any other challengers? Would love a personal recommendation!

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If you work for Facebook, I implore you to consider options elsewhere. I bet it looks good on a resume. For now.

Zuck and FB's leaders are determined to profit from becoming an even more dangerous weapon to further dismantle democracy and society.

Please don't help them.

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I feel like the fediverse is so different from other contemporary forms of social media b/c it totally lends itself to 'talking to strangers'. Unlike places like Facebook where you immediately gravitate to people you know already, and the birb where you gravitate to people *everyone* knows.

Had a nice bike trip day outside today.

Genießt das schöne Wetter, so lange Ihr noch könnt. 😀

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Elizabeth Warren trolls Facebook with 'false' Zuckerberg ad

Ad claims CEO backs Trump – then admits it’s not true – after company admits letting politicians make false statements

Becoming peak - in a cafe, watching Germans outside a cafe soaking up the sun watching pedestrians stroll by.

I am an in , , who likes to and spends a lot of time thinking about and , particularly , but also a few other European ones. Hat tip to @randynose for this pinned toot idea.

Did you get your onto your vehicles, ?

And did you remember to tighten up the Schraubenmütter after 50-100km?

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Mastodon auf der Steinernen Brücke!

This is a cautious dip of the toe into the Fediverse and away from Big Social. This instance could disappear or be repurposed at any time. It's kind of a playground for now. Maybe it will become something useful.