US-Amerikaner*innen aufgepasst! HEUTE ABEND per Zoom findet das erste Meeting unserer neuen Sektion in Nord- unter Mittelbayern! Es würde uns sehr freuen, Euch dort zu sehen. Details sind hier:

Gerne an alle Interessent*innen weitergeben. Danke!

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Hey all you Democrats Abroad in northern and central ! Did you know we formed a chapter? And that its very first chapter meeting is TONIGHT via Zoom? Would love to see you there! RSVP here please:

@Louisa I don't buy that conventional wisdom carte blanche. My parents were quite conservative (dad: financially; mom: culturally) during my youth, but after exposure to more of the world they are both more liberal in many ways. They are donating time and money and effort and passion to "liberal" things they care about now that they maybe always would have, but to which they merely lacked exposure.

post-haircut selfie with eye contact 

First time with no mustache since August:



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Scary thought: it’s going to take hindsight we don’t have right now to see how bad the present is. So much death and abuse and loss is happing behind closed doors.

post-haircut selfie with eye contact 

I'm still subconsciously straightening my mustache and brushing my chin curls.

Hat wer schon mal ausprobiert? Bin angenehm überrascht, dass sie auch abdecken. Ich würde gern im Auftrag meiner Eltern ein eBike ausprobieren. 9€ für 6 Stunden Ausleih klingt mir auch nicht schlecht für eine spontane Tour auf einem fremden Rad.


@healyn Thanks. The wife likes the hair long (at least until started thinning; she may have changed her tune) and the beard gone. Next week we‘ll each get a little of what we want.


@healyn Grooming conditions have not improved since this was taken.


@healyn Thank you!

Yes, it started out as a protest beard at work in 2019. Then a project completion beard. Project is over in one week. It‘s shaggy and itchy and curling in weird places and collecting disgusting stuff and don‘t get me started on the 1970s bikini look when I have to go out in public...

I‘ll probably start growing it again immediately, but then as a stubble beard, to preserve smoochability.


@healyn jealous here. I have imposed an artificial grooming constraint on myself and am loathing it. Gotta wait another week, and then this hair and beard are GONE.

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@distel so...du isst kein Blätterteig, sondern ... was?

@healyn We're latecomers to the series. We enjoyed seasons 1+2 very much, but found the tone, lighting, make up, and plots in general....just OFF in season 3. Anyone else?

Hallo Leute! Könnte wer von außerhalb der USA bitte folgende Seite im Browser laden, und berichten, wovon es klappt? Hier geht es um die Anmeldung für die Briefwahl. Die Michigan Regierung reagiert nicht auf meine Anregungen, dass die Seite kaputt ist. Somit sind verlorene Stimmen in der kommenden Wahl quasi vorprogrammiert. Von Vodafone Kabel aus klappt's nicht (allerdings von Vodafone Mobilfunk doch). Bekannte in MX und IT können auch nicht. Gerne boosten! Danke!

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Hi. Can I please get anyone outside the USA to visit the Information Center website ( and tell me if it the page loads? It does not for me, in Germany, from my home internet service (though it does on my cellular data). And it also does not for my friends and family in Mexico and Italy. I would love to be able to prove to the MI Secretary of State that their site is borked and preventing overseas voter registration. Boosts very welcome! Thank you!

Coffee syrup recipe 

@Louisa It's GREAT on vanilla ice cream with a half-shot of Licor 43.

auto cw: could contain food 

@Louisa May I suggest flor de jamaica? No carbonation or alcohol. Lightly fruity (kinda raisiny if you ask me).

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