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Ich bin jetzt etliche Monate hier bei Mastodon, wurde noch immer nicht beleidigt, blöd angemacht oder gedisst. Was stimmt mit Euch nicht? 😍

I'm trying my hand at some on my gas grill. It's taken longer than I thought to get the smoke out of my chips, let alone bring the sausage up to consumable temperature. I'm following instructions from - any personal experiences or tips to share?

@Juju Then I assume you will also enjoy Sunday dinner, the last meal of the day, at 15.00 like a Rentnerin.

@Juju i actually went to bed at a reasonable time and slept...but was done at 4:30. On a freakin' Saturday morning.😔

@somarasu mm-hm. Or maybe "*nod*" but even that may be too affirmative.

lewd; pain; sweet Arceus, why? 

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incredible Vince guaraldi cover inside, only open when prepared for Christmas cheer 

So...who has tried these Beyond Meat thingies? Giving it a go tonight. Happy Thanksgiving!

@mfeilner "Scharf" should almost never be translated as "sharp" as it pertains to flavor. It's gotta be something like "spicy." Things like cheese may have a sharp flavor in English, but then I doubt they're described as "scharf" in German.

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Glockenbachviertel (Munich) pedestrian crossing showing same-sex Ampelmänner/frauen. Lucky snapshot catching both the stop and go parts illuminated.

Seit Monaten fallen Züge der aus, und zwar spät am Abend oder jederzeit am Wochenende. Was kann man dagegen tun?

Es ist schon ärgerlich, ungeplant eine Stunde auf den nächsten warten zu müssen.

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Mastodon auf der Steinernen Brücke!

This is a cautious dip of the toe into the Fediverse and away from Big Social. This instance could disappear or be repurposed at any time. It's kind of a playground for now. Maybe it will become something useful.