post-haircut selfie with eye contact 

I'm still subconsciously straightening my mustache and brushing my chin curls.

Kurzarbeitsfahrt! Diesmal machte ich es mir sehr viel leichter. Und ich bereue das ganz und gar nicht.

Es war schön ruhig, aber immerhin an manchen Stellen lauter als gedacht.

iPhone users? What would cause a photo on an iPhone Xs to be uneditable and unsharable like this?

At the time I shot this picture, my iCloud storage was full. But it's not anymore and after rebooting the phone it's still not sharable or editable.

Is Apple jealous of my bread !?

Deutsche Welle racist expression? 

Is this a badly-translated German expression? An English expression of which I am blissfully unaware? Aren't there many possible alternative expressions without the overtones?


ec, beard bikini bush, Kaufland 

I'm pretty much over this masked shopping thing. It sucks!

- can't understand other shoppers properly (especially my wife, the most important one)
- I thought I'd like more personal space, but somehow it actually feels like less
- it's sweaty and itchy in this mask

Small problems to complain about. I know!


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