I need a new . We have a small portable Weber (Baby Q, from like 2011) which has bit the dust. I'd like something a bit bigger, but also propane and . The Napoleon TravelQ PRO 285X seems perfect (see if you want, but they're not paying me). Are their any other challengers? Would love a personal recommendation!

I spent a big chunk of today scrubbing, scraping, soaking & otherwise cleaning our Weber grill, and it works again. Maybe submerging the burner ring in boiling water had the biggest positive effect. So for now, pending some test hamburgers in the near future, it would seem our Weber Baby Q has proven itself worth of keeping around a bit longer.

I'm a level witcha: I have *never* cleaned that sucker, apart from occasional scrapes of the grates and grill inner walls. It was WAY overdue.

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