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Not mine, but I saw it and realized the truth in it.

Aerospace engineering: We make a new plane every 25 years or so

Civil engineering: We build about new bridge a decade

Mechanical engineering: The principles of our field were all figured out by 1973

Software engineering: Have you switched to FooSnark yet? It came out on Monday

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I saw this post on Twitter, and it hit me hard, because I had never thought of anti-Choice in this way:

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what was your first social network?

(plz boost for sample size)

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where's the sex store that sells things in non-discreet packaging. i want my neighbors to know that i'm having great sex

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I have now seen "snowfriends" used as a gender neutral equivalent of "snowmen," and it's delightful

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Was manche heute "Freiheit" nennen, ist wirklich nur der Wunsch, ohne Widerspruch egoistisch zu sein.

@Regensbloggerin @diebesbeute @Snookums @danixdefcon5 We're back for now. Swap space is set up, so that when I do the upgrade to v4.0.2 the server won't run out of RAM while precompiling the assets.

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@Regensbloggerin @diebesbeute @Snookums @danixdefcon5 powering off our instance now to take a snapshot and then install some swap space to prepare for the upgrade to v4.0.2 in the near future. We'll be back in a few minutes. There will be a longer downtime when it's time to upgrade to v4.0.2; maybe this week still before my workday starts.

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Why do they sell clementines in an orange fish net package? They're already sexy.

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It’s that time of year again friends- en garde! Play begins when the clock strikes midnight on Wednesday night and we enter December proper! #Whamageddon2022 #Whamageddon

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If you know any Georgians who didn't vote today please tell them to vote tomorrow or vote before Friday when early voting ends. #gapol

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Just saw a post in looking for #news & #breakingnews in English to follow here on 🐘. Here are some I follow. Pls add to the list if you know of others. Thx.
@goodblue @uanews

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Der FDP-Generalsekretär argumentiert, jetzt sei nicht der Zeitpunkt für Reform des Staatsbürgerschaftsrechts weil noch nicht genug gegen illegale Migration getan wurde... als ob diese zwei Dinge überhaupt was miteinander zu tun haben.

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How much public space we've surrendered to cars (Swedish artist Karl Jilg)

insurance, US Pol, GA run-off 

voters, is this you?

Think about the party that wants to make health care better, and the party that wants to make it harder for you vote in general, thereby preventing progress...

US Pol, GA run-off, voter empowerment 

From the WaPo:

> Walker’s campaign told supporters that the decision to allow Saturday voting “is like coming out after halftime and learning the referees have changed the rules for the rest of the game.”

Dude: the rules were changed to help MORE PEOPLE VOTE. What's your problem with that?


Menschen, ich bräuchte mal bitte Euren Rat!

Ich feiere bald Geburtstag und möchte zum Abendessen fortgehen. Möchte aber wirklich neue Restaurants in der Umgebung entdecken. Wo würdet Ihr hingehen? Bedingungen:

- Wir sind zu zweit.
- Keine Fisch / Meeresfrüchtenspezialitätsrestaurants bitte
- Vegetarisch/Vegan ist ein Plus aber kein MUSS
- Schön ist, wenn es innerhalb Regensburgs zu Fuß erreichbar ist, aber eine kurze Fahrzeit geht auch noch
- Bonus: das lokal hat Montags offen

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