I love that we have a bunch of regular mismatched silverware and then one Goth Fork

The best dating advice I ever got was to remember that if someone ghosts me, they were probably a hired assassin who fell in love and couldn't finish the job.

In honor of #SpotifyWrapped season, fuck #Spotify and its 100 million dollar antivaxxer and LGBTQ+ hate middleman posterboy.

It’s that time of year again friends- en garde! Play begins when the clock strikes midnight on Wednesday night and we enter December proper! #Whamageddon2022 #Whamageddon

Der FDP-Generalsekretär argumentiert, jetzt sei nicht der Zeitpunkt für Reform des Staatsbürgerschaftsrechts weil noch nicht genug gegen illegale Migration getan wurde... als ob diese zwei Dinge überhaupt was miteinander zu tun haben.

insurance, US Pol, GA run-off 

voters, is this you?

Think about the party that wants to make health care better, and the party that wants to make it harder for you vote in general, thereby preventing progress...


US Pol, GA run-off, voter empowerment 

From the WaPo:

> Walker’s campaign told supporters that the decision to allow Saturday voting “is like coming out after halftime and learning the referees have changed the rules for the rest of the game.”

Dude: the rules were changed to help MORE PEOPLE VOTE. What's your problem with that?



anti-Black racism in Germany 

“I would understand this weird fascination with the [American] South as a safe way to engage with desires of White supremacy.” Great article in the WaPo by @mvenk82 on Germany’s stubborn attachment to objectively super racist names and artifacts.



jingoistic taint in common usage in #German 

I gasped audibly, and the other participants commented on my reaction to the speaker's choice of wording. The speaker said something like "Hmm, das sollte man vielleicht doch anders ausdrücken." I said "naja, es ist heutzutage schon wieder relevant!" I thought it was a WW2 thing, but nope: much older. Dann ist Polen offen: redensarten-index.de/suche.php

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Yes, Georgia voters living abroad, we're looking at you! Request your ballot NOW and then mail or courier it back to ensure your vote counts. Deadlines are approaching! Everything you need to know is here: ow.ly/zqQV50LIRr4 #OverseasVoters #GeorgiaElections #VoteByMail #AbsenteeBallot #VoteFromAbroad #vote #election #GA #Georgia #voter #runoff #RunoffElection #abroad #travel #mail #USpol #politics #civics #USpolitics #GAsentate #senate #AmericansOverseas #GApol

I question your credentials as a so-called historian, sir, and I am also beginning to believe there never was a Bophades.

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